The Story Behind 'The World Stopped Turnin'

The Story Behind 'The World Stopped Turnin'

It's about time I write something new. And with the year that was 2020, there's probably more than enough inspiration.

"The World Stopped Turnin'", my upcoming single, began with just a couple of chords, much different to the final product. It was a funky little thing I was jamming on either in the bedroom or during a live looping gig when I wanted to do some improvised soloing.

Initially I was approached to be part of a local compilation album that would showcase artists in my area, so I grabbed this little ditty and started piecing it together. Needless to say, once it became clear that I wasn't going to budge from my rock roots, the phone didn't ring again.

Either way, I had a brand new song.

The lyrics were written, but I hadn't finalised my guitar parts, so the first job was to sit down and have a good think about how I wanted this to sound. Leading into this recording my biggest influences were a very 80's hair metal vibe, such as Rhandy Rhodes, Zakk Wylde, Santa Cruz, which are very obvious in the riffs and guitar solos. And seeing as I got shafted from a compilation for being myself, why not bloody well own it and write the rock song I wanted! Hence, there are 4 solos in this one... haha

The inspiration for the lyrics are, as I mentioned, my version of 2020. While it was a stuuuuuupid year and really kinda sucked on a global scale, it managed to put things into perspective. For too many years I have said "one day I'll be a full time musician...", it just took the world to stop for me to realise that the only person stopping me, was me.

So I did what should have been done many many years ago. I quit my job, and so began the new focus and drive that I had been waiting for.

I am proud of this song. It pulls together a real life changing year, and combines many of my influences into one epically, big sounding song of riffage, solos and strong vocals. The song follows this journey both lyrically and musically from the initial break down of the world, through the perspective shift to follow, but making sure to never fully answer the question, "when will this all be over"...??

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