The Story Behind 'Unfinished Sculpture'

The Story Behind 'Unfinished Sculpture'

I believe that we are all works of art. Our life journey is what sculpts into becoming the best versions ourselves.

Whoa... Deep...

Unfinished Sculpture did't begin with this thought. In fact it came about due to a little absent minded noodling. Rick was sitting on the lounge just playing three notes on the bass round & round while the rest of us finished getting ready for the rehearsal. Eventually he stopped and jumped up, but Luke (lead guitar) pulled him up and asked him to keep playing because he had an idea.

And so began another productive jam. Sections, feels, riffs and melodies all came together pretty quickly. This one just felt right. Although the melody for the chorus was spawned that day, I needed inspiration for the words, so I took that from Todds Krispy Kreme t-shirt. For a long time the chorus hook was "You'd love to eat your Krispy Kreme donuts with me, as it drowns you out..." It was non-sensical drivel but it helped secure a catchy hook.

Reproducing this one was a lot of fun. I took the main elements and kept it true to the original but with a newer, more experienced approach. Some guitar ideas stayed, some are brand new. I even incorporated a modern RnB style drum kit as well as a synth arpeggio to help give it a new depth and feel.

I don't fully remember what inspired the initial idea for the ACTUAL lyrics, but I do know that now more than ever I can really relate to this song. We are always working on ourselves, we should be proud of who we are, and we should embrace the things that make us tick. I'm not saying in this song that I think I'm better than anybody, but I like who I am and that will always "drown out" the words of others who try to say otherwise.

I guess what I hope, for anyone hearing this song is to inspire some feeling of self worth. In todays society it is too easy to compare and beat ourselves up for not being "perfect", instead we should all try to understand that we all special in our own ways and we should wear it proudly.

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