Who is Dave Webb?

Hi! I am Dave Webb, your friendly neighbourhood Spiderman.

Just like you, I'm a musician. I have been singing and playing guitar professionally for over 20 years, since my early teens both in bands and as a soloist.

Life unfortunately got in the way for me and it took a global pandemic to open my eyes. 2020 flipped a switch for me, reminding where my roots and passion lie. IN MUSIC!! I completed a Diploma of music that year and have been teaching guitar part time since then in my local community, as well as revisiting music from my early years and reproducing the songs with "The Dave Webb Project".

Chasing the perfect tone has become something of an obsession. I work with various modellers and many plugins in my DAW every day. Needless to say I have found some great ways to utilise these digital resources and get album quality sound every time.

My role here is to make finding your perfect tone as simple and quick as possible, and hopefully inspire you to keep playing and write some epic, memorable tunes.

Happy rocking everyone!