Making your sound YOURS!

Every musician has a voice, and the production side of Dave Webb Music is about developing that voice to make sure it can be heard by the right people.

Production is many elements of creating music. You may need studio time, mastering, small individual tracks personally created to help you with your passion – Dave Webb Music can help.

Using state of the art technology and a strong base in Cubase and other DAWs, we know exactly how to get the best sound out of what you need created!


Getting the best sound out of your instrument is every musicians drive. I want to understand what it is you’re looking to say and amplify it. Recording is a personal thing and I will work with you to find out what makes you comfortable and gets the your best take!


Once we have the recording, it’s all about making that sound perfect for play. Digital services all have different needs when it comes to balances and volumes. Let my mastering take your track to the level it needs to be for commercial airplay and more!


There is a song for everything, it’s just that some haven’t been written yet! From backing music for your personal videos, advertisements, jingles and sound beds, I can create you a one-of-a-kind custom song that you can take on your business or personal journey.

Working with Dave has been an amazing experience. He understands what makes a good technical take, but knows as an artist how you can craft what you want. It’s the best of both worlds.”

Lauren Hagney

Let’s make something beautiful together.